Accessibility at 106

We might be based in a building which dates back to the 1700s, but we have cleverly designed our interior with the accessibility of our congregation in mind.  Our toilets are found on the ground floor, as is our ‘front room’, where many of our groups meet and has facilities for refreshments and one of our big screens.  While our main worship space is on the first floor, access can be gained by the rear church door, or internally by our lift.  Elders will be on hand to assist in the event of an evacuation.

When in our worship space, our technology allows for super sound transmission, and we use large tv screens to share elements of our services, such as the words to our hymns, prayers and readings.  We also produce a weekly service sheet, with more detail of the service and notices of upcoming events.

Why not come along and see for yourself? If you’re struggling, you can always make a suggestion about how we could improve, which the elders would love to hear.