West Cumbria Shootings

Dear All,
You will be aware of the shocking news coming out of West Cumbria today.  In URC terms, as far as we know, none of our church members have been physically affected, but obviously such an evil bursting into an ordinary Wednesday will have an impact on many, many people.
For most of us, not on the ground, all we can do is pray, but please do that – I believe prayers were a real source of strength in the work that went on after the floods.  Remember not just the people injured and killed and their families, but also members of the emergency services and other agencies who have to respond to this tragedy so soon after the Keswick bus crash.  And say some prayers too for Irene Hamilton and the elders and members of Whitehaven URC, as well as our ecumenical friends in the many other Cumbrian communities who have been faced with darkness on a sunny day.
Please feel free to forward this – we may make an ecumenical response once the situation is a bit clearer tomorrow.
Rev Rachel Poolman
The Cumbria Area of the United Reformed Church

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