Prayer: Earth Day

Prayers for Earth Day 2021

Creator, we remember the beauty of your Creation and are saddened by the damage humanity has done to it. We thank you for and pray for organisations and individuals working around the globe – and locally – to restore the planet in the face of huge challenges and powerful opposition. We pray especially for children and young people in Kendal and across the world who protest and campaign – may the Spirit comfort them, strengthen them and give them hope in their hearts. Amen.

God has chosen the rolling tide

the flowing river

the rushing stream

the flooding burn

to hold all of heaven

and her promise

in the pouring

and stirring

and spilling

and running

comes the act of heaven

and her promise

so come and be soaked in the Spirit

as the story of salvation teems around us

parables whispered in the drenching

and baptism becomes the soothing rush of


and her promise

of Jesus



(© Roddy Hamilton. Sourced from

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