Prayer 4th March 2021

Transforming God,

Your spring is looking beautiful again.

The snowdrops and the crocuses shout quietly of hope

In their most fabulous of dresses in gardens and in graveyards,

In woodlands and on roadsides.

We’re glad to see them for the joy they give but…next to them our home-cut hair and lock-down clothes are looking slightly shabby.

For some of us it’s been good to not have to look good every day,

And we know – as Jesus said – we can never compete with the wildflowers and not to worry about it,

And – best of all – we know you love us no matter how we look but…it will be good to look our best again.

Or at least get our roots done by someone who knows what they’re doing,

For someone else to wash our hair or shave our cheek,

To feel another’s hands at their skilled, creative work,

To be wrapped in scent and towels and conversation,

To rest in the sound of scissors, clippers and driers

And to step into Highgate feeling smart,

Feeling special, feeling beautiful – feeling like our best selves.

So, we thank you for all our businesses who help transform our appearance especially:


  • Beauty @99
  • Colman & Colman
  • Ersin’s Traditional Turkish Barbers
  • The Exchange
  • The Gentry
  • Hair Bazaar
  • Hollywood Nails
  • Jo & Cass
  • Kings Barber Kurdish Barbers
  • Timeless
  • The Turkish Barber Shop


We pray that your Spirit comforts and strengthens them as they prepare to reopen in April.



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