Pentecost Prayer


Pentecost 2021

Embracing God

We thank you for being able to (carefully) hug each again.

It’s been so very, very long that we thought we might have forgotten how.

Thank you for the comfort that we give and receive in loving human contact.

We pray for everyone who has no one to hold them close or for whom the touch of other people is something to be afraid of or anxious about – keep them safe and let them know they are loved more than they imagine.

We welcome your Spirit too this week with arms open wide and huge, warm hugs:

Spirit, who speaks with a thousand voices and in silence – talk with each of us, tell us about hope, and joy and healing.

Spirit, who storms through these streets with the power of a gale, sweep away our anger, hate and fear.

Spirit, who settles softly as a dove on the rooftops, bless each home in Highgate with love and gentleness and patience.

Spirit, who burns like an everlasting fire, light up our hearts and minds with flames of justice, generosity & peace.

Spirit, help us hold out the love of Jesus to everyone in this community.


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