News Update from the URC – Christian Aid Christmas Appeal

URC and Christian Aid Christmas appeal

Watch, enjoy, share  

We hope that most of you are already aware that the United Reformed Church is supporting Christian Aid’s Christmas appeal – aimed to deliver hope to the thousands of women and children in Kenya who suffer pregnancy and child birth related health issues.  From providing maternal healthcare in Kenya to ensuring poor communities receive the vital services we take for granted, your gift will help fund Christian Aid’s work to eradicate poverty.

Staff from the communications department at Church House persuaded the URC moderators of General Assembly – the Revd David Grosch-Miller and Mr John Ellis – to join them in making this festive-themed film promoting the campaign.  Please watch it, share it, show it in your churches and, most of all, please donate to the appeal – the government is doubling all money received by 6 February.
And, watch the film until the end!

To donate call 0845 7000 300 or donate online.

We obviously want you to share and show this film widely – and you are free to do so in your church or church related group (or indeed anyone else you think might enjoy watching it and be motivated to give to the Christmas appeal). Where you have reliable wi-fi you can show it using the web link above, but you can also download it from YouTube and store it on your own PC.

Instructions to download the film to your PC:

1. Open Mozilla Firefox.  NB: If you are using another web browser, then simply go to Firefox’s homepage and download the browser. Once downloaded, open it.

2. Then download and install Firefox video download helper add on.

3. Now, when you go to YouTube and find your chosen video, you will see a download button below the video box, normally to the right. Click ‘download’.

4. There may be options for downloading. Choose the best quality you can. 1080 is better than 720, is better than 480 etc. MP4 is a good option.

5. Download the video to your desktop or to a folder you can find. It will now be on your computer.

6. Play the video with your media player and enjoy!

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