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A special edition of NU to highlight two United Reformed Church related blogs that are definitely worth reading: 

Disclosing New Worlds

From Lawrence Moore, director of the Windermere Centre: Disclosing New Worlds.

This Advent Lawrence Moore’s weekly blog of commentary and reflections on the Revised Common lectionary readings, is back after a six year absence.

Lawrence says: “The re-launch has been timed to coincide with the start of the new Lectionary year. You will find essays on using the Lectionary for preaching and reading Mark’s gospel, as well as commentary and reflection on the Advent texts. By subscribing to the blog, you will receive email notifications of new material, which will be posted at least two weeks ahead.”

In its previous incarnation, the Disclosing New Worlds blog had a weekly readership in excess of 10,000 definitely worth checking out this time round!

From Westminster College: Life@WM

Westminster College has had quite a year in 2014. The £7.2 million redevelopment was completed this summer and the autumn has seen a plethora of visitors from home and abroad staying in the college or making use of the study facilities, not to mention the conferences, short courses and meetings that have taken place for the United Reformed Church.

Written to help get the word out about life at Westminster College in all its wonderful diversity!  Sam White, the college’s director of pastoral and church programmes, says: “We realised that there was so much going on here that celebrates God’s gift of life, learning and community that we came up with the idea of getting different people to write for this blog to share their enthusiasm and experiences and talk about their work, to give readers a taster of what goes on visibly – and behind the scenes.”

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