In God’s Image










In God’s Image


I am a child of God –

As you are.

In my face is reflected the likeness of God –

As in yours.


Why then do you despise the colour of my skin,

The shape of my features,

Or the texture of my hair?


Why do you think that I must think

Like you,

Act like you,

Speak or believe like you?


I am me –

Made in the image of our Parent God –

In whose image

You are made.


How do you feel at ease, enjoying

The privilege you have

Not earned,

But have seized –

And seize –

From my own hand?


Why do you assume that those who are

‘Like you’

Are more desirable,

Deserving –

Somehow better?


‘Better’ how?

According to who?


Why must I have your approval –

Or permission –

To be me?

Fully me!

The ‘me’ our Parent God

Birthed me to be!


Why must my life be constrained by your norms,

Your customs,

Your rules,

Your ways,

Your judgment of who or what is acceptable –

Or not?


Who gave you the monopoly on ‘rightness’ –

And rightness in whose eyes?


Love others as you love yourself –

Or maybe, as you would wish to be loved.

And judge not in case you too

Are judged.


So says our Parent God –

In whose image

We both are made.


Karen Campbell

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