Climate Change & Consciousness

Climate Change

& Consciousness

in conversation with……

Jon Green, Chief Executive of the Vegetarian Society

Dr Sonny Khan, activist on trade justice and environmental issues

John Hetherington, United Reformed Church Minister

Ranjan Amin, Co-ordinator Brahma Kumaris, Cumbria

Our actions have contributed to the climate change we face today, but how do thoughts and consciousness impact climate change?


What we say, what we do, and what we feel – all have their origin in the mind.

The energy of the human mind is one of the greatest, but least understood, energy resources. When we understand and harness this energy, we possess the key to a sustainable future.

Sunday 19 Feb       2.30pm – 4.30pm        Free  Admission

South Lakes Foyer, Frieda Scott Room, Stricklandgate,  Kendal LA9 4RA Must book on line or text 0750 208 7097

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