Big Brekkie – Christian Aid – Bridges of Kendal

Just a reminder that Saturday 14th May, the day before Christian Aid week starts, is the day we have preliminary activities.

* The Big Brekkie CHRISTIAN AID EVENT Saturday 14th May at Kendal Parish Church Hall 8.30-11am
Everyone welcome
Menu includes bacon butties, veggie option, hot and cold drinks and more ….
Come and taste and join the fun activities
Free – but there will be a donation box

and after that you can

* Walk Kendal’s Bridges
There is a booklet describing these bridges, with questions and observations, available from Market Place Books (also available at the Big Breakfast) costing £1.99 in aid of Manna House

Christian Aid is sponsoring these big brekkies, details of which you can see on the internet. After Storm Desmond we can all empathise with Morsheda who they feature – “Jesus calls us to love our neighbours – and not just the people who live next door or down the street.Take Morsheda, a young mother of four living in Bangladesh. She has no land, few assets and no savings. And no matter how hard she works, she can’t escape the floods that constantly threaten to destroy her home.”

Anne Wilson (CTiKD)

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