A Passion For Kendal – Newsletter 1

Acting workshops started – very impressive – real talent and commitment.We can almost cast the whole play. BUT it would be good to get some non-speaking soldiers and guards. And it’s not too late to get a speaking part if you come to workshop sessions at Burneside Church room on Thursdays at 7.15pm. Next workshop, 17th November. Parts will be allocated by the end of November to start rehearsals on the script at the beginning of December.
For any information on acting Call Chris – 01539 727424 
Music is making progress. Anne Pater is working with Roland Fudge – composer, instrumentalist, Westmorland Youth Orchestra conductor to compose several pieces to accompany the play. These include a lament at the crucifixion and a Gloria for the fire sculptures, anticipating the Resurrection. Guy Wilson – words for The Armed Man – is working with Caroline on the lyrics.Amabile all set to sing the lament. Westmorland Youth Orchestra for a fanfare or two. BUT we need church and community choirs, especially for the Gloria on the Saturday evening, and to busk before the show on Friday afternoon.
For music up-dates or to get involved Anne Pater pater@globalnet.co.uk 
A small but perfectly formed Technical Team is about to start discussions on how to proceed. Chris will head this up until we find a stage manager. We will DEFINITELY need plenty of stage crew, although you may not need to get to all meetings. You will be essential in the last few weeks and the performance itself.
For any information or to offer help; call Chris – 01539 727424 
Sue and her fund-raising team – Joan and Katy, have made excellent progress. So far we have raised over £8000 in grants, donations and confirmed promises, including £5000 from the Local Area Partnership.There are applications and approaches still to be made, but the project is viable. It will be even better if we generate more income.


Come to the Pie and Peas Supper and Quiz at Holy Trinity and St George Roman Catholic Church on November 19th. And be ready to Bag-pack one Saturday. If you have ideas for fund-raising, sponsorship or can help do contact Sue: Sue Buckingham sue.m.buckingham@googlemail.com
We are still talking to the Council, the Police, English Heritage about using the streets and Castle. Everyone is very supportive. One thing to think about: some people may have seen Becky’s excellent work in getting A Passion for Kendal up and running on social networks. Have you also noticed that the play is on at least one hotel chain web-site? We have also had enquiries from a coach company in Warrington. This could mean we might get a much bigger audience than we first anticipated.Good news, but it means we will need a lot of stewarding. If you can help – let us know.
We have made a great start, and a big thank you to all of you who are making this happen. Keep up the good work; tell your friends; come and get involved if you are not already 

Chris Taylor


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