A Highgate Food Prayer 28th January

God of bread and wine

We are hungry. For food, for company, for meals prepared by someone else, for the chance to eat somewhere – anywhere – else but home. There is such a gap in our community, in our lives as we cannot meet to share food and drink in warm friendly places. Just to sit down over a coffee or a plate of chips is our greatest prayer sometimes!

We pray for all restaurants and cafes, bars and pubs on Highgate – for those unable to open, for those working hard to provide take-aways and deliveries. We ask that they are supported to survive, thrive and bring joy to our town and that all owners, managers and staff worried about the future of their business, their jobs and their customers may know your Spirit of peace and security with them. We thank you for them all:

  • Brew Brothers
  • Brewery Arts Restaurant and Bar
  • Comida
  • The Deli @ 95
  • Fish Express
  • Fryer Tux
  • Jintana
  • The Master’s House Tea Room
  • The Moon
  • New Fortune
  • The New Inn
  • The Shakespeare Inn
  • Silver Mountain

We thank you also for Kings Food Bank, Kendal Food Share, Manna House and everyone helping to feed our community and ask you to bless them in their work.


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